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Pharmaceuticals: The Next Frontier in America's War on Drugs

Posted on April 20, 2022 by Dennis Gage
America's war on drugs, which has been fought in the opium fields of Afghanistan and the cocaine plantations of Columbia, will have to reinvent itself to combat what is set to be America's biggest drug abuse problem, pharmaceuticals.One in five American's, nearly 48 million, have used prescription drugs for non-medical purposes at least once in their lives.The current past month misuse rate among Americans is 6...

Tips on How You Can Make Your Arthritis Medicines Work Twice as Effectively

Posted on January 25, 2022 by Dennis Gage
This post will provide you important tips to make certain that you're receiving the very best out of your arthritis treatment program.1.Make absolutely sure that the nurse or doctor knows what allergies you have.Also, make certain that they understand what other medications you are taking and ask specifically about drug interactions and side effects.2.Ask how the arthritis medication should be taken...