Onychomycosis – One Of The Many Nail Fungus Out There


Many natural changes in fingers and toenails come with age. Fine ridges, for example, may start developing from the cuticle of the nail tip. This and other similar changes are common, but they are not signs of poor health.

But,there are some nail conditions to watch out for such as small separations of the nail from the nail bed, yellow/brown shade, or hardening,crumbling or thickenings of the nail at the top edge.All these conditions are symptoms of a common fungal disease called Onychomycosis,which infects the nail bed below the surface of the nail causing thickening, roughness, discoloration and splitting of the nail.

It can be caused by a somewhat large variety of fungi and it is typically painless for several years after initial infection. Butif left untreated, the condition will worsen and it is going to be unbearable to wear shoes or walk.

Because fungi thrive in darkness,moist areas such as the inside of your shoes, Onychomycosis appears on toenails more often that fingernails. Like mold or mould, these parasitic organisms live on dead things, which in this case is the dead nail tissue. Once the fungus is established on dead cells, it excretes toxins into adjacent living tissue causing its death.
As this tissue dies, it offers new ground for the uterus to expand.

The chance of disease infection of toenails is decreased with the same procedures to decrease the risk of fungus infection of the skin on the toes. Here are some tips to maintain your feat dry and healthy:
1. Inside, avoid wearing shoes and think about wearing open footwear.
2. Change shoes daily. Consider alternating between at least 3 pairs of sneakers allowing them to dry out.
3. Change socks whenever they become damp.
4. Wear high top boots only when necessary for work or other activities.
5. Treat each foot fungus promptly. Some fungus require daily application of anti-fungal creams to keep them away.

When the fungus still appears visit your dermatologist to prescribe you both oral and topical treatments for Onychomycosis. Newer, safer and more effective medications are now available because of nail fungus treatment advancing significantly over the past years. These medications are generally taken for three months. During that time, the medicine incorporates into the nail tissue preventing the uterus to expand. As the nail grows out normally, The diseased nail is displaced and removed.