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Lunesta Side Effects

Posted on September 11, 2022 by Dennis Gage

Before you choose to buy Lunesta, be sure you have study all pertinent information regarding how Lunesta works, and what unwanted effects you may experience.

Lunesta Side Effects

If you see the following unwanted effects, stop taking Lunesta immediately and contact your neighborhood er. They include allergies; symptoms of such as difficulty in breathing; swelling of the lips, tongue, or face; closing of one's throat; and hives.

Consult together with your doctor as quickly as possible in the event that you experience any, less serious unwanted effects such as for example confusion; drowsiness, clumsiness, or dizziness throughout the day; aggressive behavior and violent mood swings; any unusual behavior; amnesia (memory loss); agitation; depression or hallucination.

A few other less serious unwanted effects are those that you might have to cope with on a far more common basis. These common Lunesta unwanted effects include headaches and a distressing taste in the mouth. If these unwanted effects become annoying or persistent, please speak to your physician to see what could possibly be done concerning this.

Another thing you need to know about sleeping pills generally is a certain inconvenience could occur when stopping treatment after prolonged usage of the medication. That is referred to as "rebound insomnia," and it's really a term for when someone has a lot more sleep problems after they've stopped treatment, than they did before they starting taking the sleeping pill. Don't worry, though. The issue usually stops alone following the first or second night.

Althought Lunesta isn't a narcotic or an opiate like many prescription drugs, it may be habit-forming. Which means that you can become dependent on it, as your system becomes influenced by the medication to feel great. Speak to your doctor before you stop taking Lunesta suddenly, as you can experience withdrawal symptoms after taking Lunesta for many weeks or longer. A straightforward speak to yor doctor will provide you with all the details you will need about taking this sleep aid safely.

As with all medications, unwanted effects apart from those listed in this specific article may occur. In the event that you notice any unusual symptoms which are especially bothersome, please alert your physician as quickly as possible.