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Can Mexican Pharmacy Purchases Be Trusted?

Posted on November 14, 2022 by Dennis Gage

Purchasing drugs from the Mexican pharmacy is, generally, an extremely safe and inexpensive method of obtaining the medical supplies that you want. Because the laws in Mexico have become different than in america, because so many drugs are plentiful with out a prescription, purchasing drugs from the Mexican pharmacy ought to be a reasonably painless process.

However, there are several risks connected with purchasing drugs from the Mexican pharmacy - however they are forget about risky than any purchase you'd make on the web today. Awareness may be the first step, which article can help you turn into a more informed healthcare consumer so you make the very best drug-related selections for you as well as your family members.


Unfortunately, counterfeit drugs are increasing in the Mexican pharmaceutical world, and it's really almost impossible to identify a fake nowadays minus the help of a tuned laboratory technician. The simplest way to avoid this example would be to only purchase your medications from the Mexican pharmacy that will require a prescription. Although by Mexican law a prescription is not needed, a pharmacy that requests one is normally on the up or more.

Expiry Dates:

It's not merely the prescriptions that are not required in Mexico; pharmacists may also be not necessary to be licensed. And with out a license, many pharmacists just don't understand (or don't care) that expired or poorly stored drugs could be hurtful. Be sure to enquire about your Mexican pharmacy's licensing requirements, if you can find any, before filling any prescriptions to ease this concern.

Misplaced Replacements:

If your physician has prescribed a drug, usually do not accept another generic drug, or replacement drug, from your own Mexican pharmacy. Because you aren't a physician yourself, you do not know what this 'new' drug can do for you, or how it'll affect your life style or any medications you're taking. In a nutshell, don't accept replacements, and go elsewhere in the event that you aren't given any option. In the event that you would prefer to a generic drug, then ask your physician to prescribe it one to, first, and take that prescription with one to the Mexican pharmacy.

Language Barrier:

Many drugs that you order from the Mexican pharmacy should come labeled in Spanish, or in broken English. Alternatively, your medication could be mislabeled, not labeled at all, or don't have the correct information attached. Ensure that you ask first how your pills will undoubtedly be labeled before you get anything.

Shipping Time:

Check around; most Mexican pharmacies may take from 7 days to 6 weeks to provide your much-needed medications, instead of the pharmacy outside who is able to probably allow you to get exactly what you will need within a few minutes. Sure, the purchase price could be dramatic, but perhaps you have checked the shipping costs aswell? Could it be really that good of a deal?.