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Affordable Prescription Medication without Insurance.

Posted on March 6, 2022 by Dennis Gage

The rising number of uninsured is in large part being driven by individuals abandoning the corporate life to pursue their dreams as entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Unfortunately, this trend comes at a time when more and more medications are available to help treat the severe (and the not so serious) illnesses that many people face today. However, as you probably already know, without health insurance coverage, the prescription medications that you need are too far out of reach; they are just too costly!

To make matters worse, most prescription medications cost far more in the United States than they do in other industrialized nations. These cost differences in combination with the fact that so many Americans do not have prescription medication coverage have spurred a national dialogue and heated debate. Despite these discussions, the regulatory changes have not materialized. Therefore, the uninsured are left believing that no affordable prescription coverage choices exist.

Do Not Give Up Hope: There Are Alternatives!

Fortunately, however, you are not without options. In fact, it's very likely that you can afford the medications that you want. How, you ask, is that possible? Well, read on!

There are two primary ways by which you can afford or save money on your prescription medication. They include participating in one of the many (National, State, and Pharmaceutical) assistance programs and/or purchasing your medication from pharmacies located outside of the U.S.

Assistance Programs: Save 25% to 100%!

Most persons are not aware that there are hundreds of programs available that provide either discounted or free prescription medications to eligible US citizens. In fact, there are more than thirty different national programs, virtually every state in the U.S. provides some kind of prescription medication assistance, and there are more than 250 different assistance programs provided by the many national and international pharmaceutical companies.

As you can probably guess, navigating the many programs to get the one that best meets your needs can be hard. Each program has different eligibility requirements, application requirements, etc.. However, the work necessary to take advantage of this program that best meets your needs will probably pay off. If you are eligible for assistance through one those programs, you can expect to save from 25% to 100% on the price of your prescription medication. Savings like that are hard to ignore. And fortunately, there are powerful tools available to help you discover the program that is ideal for you.

Purchasing Your Medication from Pharmacies outside the US

Assuming that you don't qualify for an assistance program, there's always the option of purchasing your medication from pharmacies located outside the usa. When there are many pharmacies in many diverse countries that are eager to sell to US customers, the best choice is Canada. Why? The answer is twofold. First, purchasing from Canada is safer. The Canadian equivalent of the FDA, Health Canada, is stricter than the FDA (and other countries' regulatory agencies) in its approval of new medications. Secondly, Canadian pharmacies, on average, can sell medications for far less than pharmacies in the U.S. and other nations. They can do this for the following reasons:

The 'Federal Patented Medicine Prices Review Board' (PMPRB) regulates medications that are under patent. The PMRB dictates the maximum prices that can be charged in Canada for patented drugs.

Health insurers, such as the provincial drug benefit plans, negotiate with the major pharmaceuticals to secure more favorable pricing on the medications that they pay for.

On average your $1 will buy you approximately $1.40 to $1.60 in medication from Canada.

Health Canada is much faster to approve generic versions of patented medication. The end result is generic medications, which always cost less than patented medications, are available earlier in Canada.

Although there are many Canadian pharmacies, there are just a select few that you'll want to purchase from. Exactly like in the united states, there are loads of people ready to rip you off. And where your health is concerned, you don't want to take a chance. As a consequence, navigating the Canadian pharmacy alternative can be confusing and difficult. Fortunately, as with all the assistance programs, there are powerful tools available to help you discover the pharmacy that is right for you.

It's Easy to Start Saving

Simply because you do not have health insurance does not mean that you can't afford the medication that you want. The many assistance programs available to US citizens together with the viable option of purchasing your prescription medication from Canada present the uninsured with the ability to purchase the medication that they need.