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投稿日: 12月 20, 2020、投稿者: Dennis Gage

Stem cell research holds more than hope for cures. The jury is in on stem cell research. Stem cell research can provide a cure for your incurable illness. With private stem cell research a personal cure for an ill patient can be accelerated. With each michroscope from the lab tuned into your distinctive disease a rapid cure is guaranteed. Private stem cell research for the wealthy (that will eventually lead to cures for everybody ) has arrived!

So now you are all relaxed about your health's potential because some countries such as Switzerland and a few American states such as California are starting to endorse stem cell research.We too are excited about this ground breaking research. Unfortunately these researchers will be working with one hand tied behind their back because these states and California are working with restrictive legislation that prohibits or impedes the cloning of human embryos. That's like giving them permission to construct the fastest car in the world but with the limitation of not allowing them to put a motor in the car!

That's why the major new cures for cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other incurable diseases will ultimately come from small offshore labs functioning without restrictive legislation from the western world. Thank God for the sake of our health that there's a world beyond the United States and the Western states. The number one lab in the world offering excellence in medical research is Gen Cells Cures possessed by Gerald Armstrong.

When Alexander Grahm Bell patented his telephone in 1876 it was the difference of a half turn of a screw that put him at the patent office before Elisha Gray. With only 1 company from the Grand Unites States publicly working on therapeutic cloning, the U.S.A is left in the dust where innovative research and potential treatments are concerned.The U.S. was once at the forefront of medicine and technology, research and innovation, cures and prevention. Now the job falls into the hands of the few working out America. In many cases the job will be carried out by Americans. The Korean's who cloned the human embryo had help from steady American hands, but the job was done in Korea by Koreans, not in America by Americans. We here at Gen Cells Cures have found that the Korean's new technique of squeezing out the DNA from the egg cell works much better than sucking out the DNA with a tiny needle. Their cloning process was a spectacular achievement.

The only American company working publicly with therapeutic cloning research in the nation is Advanced Cell Tech. When the cure comes it will probably come from Gen Cells Cures or any other small basement lab out in the middle of nowhere. Gen Cells Cures wants the chance to discover cures for major incurable diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimers disease, diabetes and other dreaded incurable diseases. The one problem with Gen Cells Cures and Advanced Cell Tech is that these two biotechs are always running out of the cash required to perform the research. Obtaining private financing is like pulling teeth. It is not easy work. The treatment cannot come in the western world with restrictive legislation backed by ignorance and obscurantism. All that controversy over a stem cell smaller than the period at the end of the sentence. Even if stem cell research (with it's restrictive limitations) had all the funds in the world there won't be a cure discovered until all of the research is finished and that has the therapeutic cloning stem cell research. Through out history their have always been those individuals with dark age believing who have held back scientific progress. Sadly, US President, George Bush is a victim of such limited thinking. Gen Cells Cures michroscopes already have Alexander Grahm Bell's half turn of the screw constructed in for achievement without a U.S. competition.

Non-embryonic stem cell research has produced therapies for more than forty ailments such as, heart disease, lupus, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, Crohn's disease, brain hemorrhage, brain tumors, retinoblastoma, ovian cancer, sarcomas, scleroderma, multiple myeloma, leukemia, renal cell carcinoma, breast cancer and others. There have been no therapies from embryonic stem cell research so far only because researchers have been using generic stem cells and there has not been one penny of public or private research money available for the real solution, therapeutic cloning stem cell research.

Gen Cells Cures does not enjoy working with generic stem cells created from an egg and a sperm cell. There's no genetic match for our patient and you destroy the embryo that might have gone on to be a baby. The company enjoys working with perfectly matched cells created from a patient's skin cell and a human egg cell. You have a perfect genetic match and the stem cell is made young again . While we enjoy the applications of adult stem cells and will use adult cells until we unravel the secrets of therapeutic cloning. We would rather have our cure come from perfectly matched new youthful stem cells rather than adult stem cells that are as old as our patient! We see the somatic cell nuclear transferred stem cell attracted back to the beginning of life as the key to unlocking the aging clock. We simply don't see a skin cell matched with an egg cell as a human being.

Fortunately for those with the ways and means and the vision to see the new dawn of stem cell research there's a way out for you and that way out is your own private medical research, (private stem cell research.) Gen Cells Cures is searching desperately for the financing to carry out the research that has been placed on indefinite hold in the U.S. and the West. If someone knows a millionaire or a billionaire without a cause, please direct him or her to this stem cell research article. And if you know some person who is in desperate need of a cure, but is bad send them to us anyway. Maybe we can find their remedy with our dime store michroscopes while we wait for the help to arrive to purchase the top quality michroscopes we will need to perform the job.

God tends to look after his flock. Gen Cells Cures provides stem cell research that contains a combination of an accumulation of today's best science and molecular biology that fuses therapeutic cloning stem cell research and genomics, (without political or legislative restraints.) Gen Cells Cures futuristic medical research technology are available to the public today! Stem cell therapies and cures are just around the corner brought to you by Gen Cell Cures advanced stem cell research... No FDA approval required! Stem cell research, stem cell research and more stem cell research is your solution and stem cell research is the alternative for the world.